Lee Registered Student Organizations

Active Minds:

Active Minds aims to raise awareness about mental health issues and decrease the stigma.

Book Club:

Book Club helps students improve their critical thinking, reading, and writing skills by reading and discussing great literature.

BUC Squad:

BUC Squad promotes school spirit, increase attendance at sporting events, and builds enthusiasm for Florida SouthWestern State College athletics college-wide.

Cyber Club:

Cyber Club works to conduct meetings, activities, and knowledge to raise awareness as well as promote education around security in modern culture. The cyber club provides students with fundamentals skills that focus on hardware, software, networks, and security to foster a confident cyber defense community at FSW.

Personal Finance & Business Club:

Personal Finance & Business Club provides students with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and obtain hands-on experience within the business community and learn key strategies for successful personal finance.

Campus Activity Board (C.A.B.):

Campus Activity (CAB) is a student-led programming board that coordinates campus-wide events. The CAB mission is to create diverse events, programs, and activities that foster personal development and school spirit to enhance the experience of all FSW Students.

Cardiovascular Technology Club: The Cardiovascular Technology Club (CVT) club works to raise awareness of cardiovascular disease in our community and promotes education and knowledge of cardiovascular risk factors and healthy lifestyles. Cardiovascular Technology students provide information to the community on prevention, treatments and technology being used to change lives right here in the SW Florida community. The CVT club participates in a variety of activities including the AHA Heartwalk, Cardiovascular Technology week and The Go Red for Women campaign to raise awareness about cardiovascular disease in women.

Chi Alpha:

We are a diverse group of FSW students who come together in community to study the Bible, worship God, and learn to follow Jesus daily while being transformed.

Computer Science and Technology Club:

Computer Science and Technology Club provides an interactive experience of FSW students by uniting students and faculty interested in computer science and technology.

Creative Writing Club:

Creative Writing Club provides an opportunity for FSW students to celebrate free speech, respect writing as a form of art, explore various forms of written and visual art, provide a safe to express themselves, and educate others on civic engagement through writing.

Crochet Corner Club:

Crochet Corner Club is where students can find self-expression through the practice of crochet.

Gender and Sexuality Alliance:

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) strives to create a safe environment for all students regardless of gender identity/expression or sexual orientation. The goal is to cultivate an environment where everyone is equal and respected.


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Southwest Florida serves both the FSW and FGCU community. All students are welcomed to join in our fellowship, and we look to inspire students for the potential of their futures.

Italian Club:

The Italian Club purpose is to celebrate and promote an appreciation of the Italian language and culture through a variety of activities and events.

Kappa Delta Epsilon (KDE):

Kappa Delta Epsilon (KDE) is an honorary education fraternity that supports academic achievements by fostering a spirit of fellowship, high standards of scholastic attainment, and professional principles of education and teaching.

Legal Studies:

Legal Studies Club engages and introduces FSW students to the study of law and the variety of careers available in and around the legal profession. We provide activities and events such as weekly club meetings, discussions of legal issues, and review case studies.

National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS):

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars (NSCS) is an honors organization that recognizes and elevates high-achieving students. NSCS provides career and graduate school connections, leadership, and service and scholarship opportunities.

National Student Nurses Association (NSNA):

The National Student Nurses' Association is a national organization that mentors nursing students preparing for initial licensure as a Registered Nurse and promotes professional development. NSNA at FSW contributes to providing educational resources to help students provide the highest quality of healthcare and opportunities for the development of the whole person.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society (PTK):

Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor society for state and community colleges. PTK recognizes and encourages students to achieve excellence inside and outside the classroom. PTK has four hallmarks: Leadership, Service, and Fellowship.

Respiratory Therapy Club:

Respiratory Therapy Club is to inform and educate the FSW community on respiratory illnesses and diseases.

Student Government Association:

Campus Congress: The Student Government Association (SGA) acts as a liaison between FSW students, administration, and local and state officials. SGA actively works to meet the needs of students and enhance the quality of campus life. We do this by hosting various programs, funding student clubs and organizations, and community service. SGA endorses the following values: Advocacy, Service, Leadership, and Diversity.

Sustainability Club

The Sustainability Club at FSW strives to add more sustainable practices in our community. Anyone interested is welcome to join!

Through The Lens (TTL):

Through The Lens (TTL) is an expansive value of creativity through every single member´s creative input. We will do this by sharing ideas and helping each other to achieve our goals!

Troops and Students Connect (TASC):

Troops and Students Connect brings all branches of service together and aid in the transformation from service member to student. We promote and encourage scholarly and social activities, unity, and pride of self and recognition of worthwhile achievements among students.

UNIDOS: Hispanic Latinx Student Association

We are dedicated to connecting, unifying and empowering the Hispanic and Latinx/a/o students of FSW in the four-county region. UNIDOS aims to provide resources, programming, and leadership and professional development for this community while educating others on the Hispanic/Latinx/a/o culture.

UMOJA (Black Student Association):

UMOJA strives to increase connection and sense of belonging among students from underrepresented identities in the Black and African-American cultures. Our organization will provide opportunities for students to experience cultural enrichment and intellectual growth through educational workshops, cultural forums, and promoting cultural awareness events.

For information, contact:

Lauren Finn Coordinator, Campus Student Engagement Phone: 239-489-9271 Email: Lauren.Finn@fsw.edu